Online assistance

If you would be happy to explain the nature of the difficulties that you appear to be experiencing with your VKK matter transportation unit then I would be overjoyed to do everything that is at all within my power to bend over backwards to assist you with it. Continue reading Online assistance

Pornography – Upgoer 5 – 1

Upgoer 5 is a description of a Saturn 5 rocket created by artist Randall Munroe. See here: For this, he uses a vocabulary that consists of no more than ‘ten hundred’ words. The following description uses no more than that vocabulary. People usually wear clothes, even when it is very hot. It is interesting that people who come from a place where it is always hot, and where the other people have all lived there for a long time, and where the people who come from other places have not made them change what they do very much, … Continue reading Pornography – Upgoer 5 – 1

God’ll Fix It

Er… hello? Yes? Ah – oh, I’m sorry, I’m not sure I’m in the right place. I’m looking for… God? Yes… That’s me. Oh. Really? Yes, yes. I know, it usually throws people. Well, yes, I expect it … really? Yes, yes. It’s me God. You were probably expecting choirs of angels, clouds… …pearly gates… Yes, well, I don’t do that any more. Any more? It really isn’t – well, it doesn’t really get the reaction that one wants, if you know what I mean. So I’ve gone for this. What do you mean, ‘this’? Well, what you see. A … Continue reading God’ll Fix It