So shock horror news of the day (it’s probably an ancient story actually, but it came up on my facebook feed today) is that the Queen of Pop, Beyoncé has her Ivypark t-shirts made in a sweatshop where the workers … Continue reading T-shirts

God’ll Fix It

Er… hello? Yes? Ah – oh, I’m sorry, I’m not sure I’m in the right place. I’m looking for… God? Yes… That’s me. Oh. Really? Yes, yes. I know, it usually throws people. Well, yes, I expect it … really? Yes, yes. It’s me God. You were probably expecting choirs of angels, clouds… …pearly gates… Yes, well, I don’t do that any more. Any more? It really isn’t – well, it doesn’t really get the reaction that one wants, if you know what I mean. So I’ve gone for this. What do you mean, ‘this’? Well, what you see. A … Continue reading God’ll Fix It


Much has been written, and even more said, about the recent demand to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes from the portico of Oriel College in Oxford. Should a racist colonist, slaver and imperialist still be honoured in marble (or whatever material is used) now that his country of birth has moved forward with its values and realised that much of what he did must be regarded as questionable by today’s standards? Some have stepped forward and outlined ways in which Rhodes was far from the character it has been claimed he was, but let us set them aside for … Continue reading Cecil